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In 2006, the Kansas Legislature passed the Personal & Family Protection Act.  The Personal & Family Protection Act, gives Kansas residence the privilege to apply for and obtain a concealed handgun permit.  On January 2, 2007, licenses began to be issued to those who were approved.


The first step to the concealed handgun permit application is to take the required 8-hour course approved by the Kansas Attorney General.  An instructor approved by the Kansas Attorney General must teach the 8-hour course.  In Russell County, there are currently two instructors.


Wallace Weber

(785) 650-7107


Jeff VonLehe

Gun Valley Shooting Range Inc.

(785) 483-4684


Applicant needs to contact an approved instructor for any other information for the 8-hour course.


The second step in the application process is to fill out and complete the Kansas approved application to be submitted to the Attorney General.  The state application may be obtained through the Kansas Attorney General website at  Or at the Russell County Sheriff’s Office.


The third step in the application process, is to submit the complete application, certificate of completion for the 8 hour course, a 2 X 2 inch face photo, two separate money orders or bank drafts for $110.00 to the Kansas Attorney General and $40.00 to the Russell County Sheriff’s Office submitted to the Sheriff for processing.  At that time, the Sheriff will take a set of fingerprints and submit the application to the Kansas Attorney General for processing.


The fourth step in the application process is to receive a confirmation from the Kansas Attorney General that the application has been approved.  Once the applicant has been approved, may go to the local Drivers License Examination station for the photo concealed carry identification.


For any additional information concerning the concealed carry application process, or any other information, visit the Kansas Attorney General webstie at and click on the Concealed Carry tab.

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